ACC Aviation, Brand Evolution, Guidelines and Website

ACC Aviation are made up of a group of companies that work within the aviation industry. They sell commercial airline interiors, charters private jets and sell commercial tickets for flights.

Client: ACC Aviation
Date: December 20, 2018
Services: Rebrand, Brand Guidlines, Website, Print

ACC aviation were in need of a complete brand overhaul. The brand mark itself had a lot of equity already, so an evolution of the logo was necessary. The brand also needed to remain familiar, but this is where we pushed it further incorporating an additional strong rich purple to compliment the existing gold. The resulting brand guidelines tied each area of the company together far more clearly, covering all aspects of digital and print branding.

The website was the flagship for the new brand but the branding has been rolled out across everything from exhibition stands right down to Powerpoint and Word templates.

We have a great partnership with ACC and have most recently been helping them move into emerging markets in Malaysia. A powerful and consistent brand is critical when establishing yourself in a new market.