Celab, Webdesign and Art Direction

Client: Dorte Mandrup
Date: 2016-04-07
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

Celab are a high-end circuit board manufacturer, they design model and build a wide range of circuits boards. These are used by broadband providers all over the country and abroad. They also design and build military grade circuit boards (which for security is all they can disclose). To successfully showcase what Celab do, in addition to the new website they also needed a well planned photoshoot with art direction. Every project begins with a meeting and research to understand the company. One of the benefits of using an agency i a fresh perspective on your company. Some things Celeb took for granted, I could focus in on and showcase this in new website and brand.

Photoshoot – Direction

For the photoshoot I started with looking at different approaches to the mood and style of photography. As a technology company I wanted to emphasise the cool blue light which naturally feels like a clean high tech. The mood board also showed the use of light through circuit boards, this can really draw out the detail. Finally I always like to show the people involved the engineers gathered around, collaborating the testing. With all the machinery its the operators that ultimately control the quality of output, and it’s the engineers who’ve modelled these circuit boards that breath life into the tech.

I work closely with our photographer to achieve the tight fixed point lenses focus lenses to really draw out the detail in circuit boards, but allowing the foreground and background to blur out. The manufacturing machinery is also fascinating to photograph. Machines like the needle point soldering machine, that using a slower shutter speed you can capture that feeling of motion.

The Website

The existing brand used a diamond which Celab liked so I built on this, this diamond was used for little details in bullets, but also created a diamond for hover state buttons and diamond. cuts in images. When all other sites are using squares, this seemingly small detail really makes this manufacture stand out literally look like they are at the cutting edge. The gorgeous imagery from the photoshoot was showcased in full screen custom sliders and large images across the website.