Envoplan Journal

Client: Envoplan
Date: 22, 11, 2018
Services: Printing, Branding

Journal, an editorial magazine for interior design company

Envoplan are in interior design agency. They specialise in schools and other large commercial interiors. Envoplan came to us asking for a fresh stylish magazine that will be used to showcase recent projects detailing how they work. Envoplan work collaboratively with teachers and pupils when creating these interiors. The magazine also needs to be a showcase for each project. Envoplan sighted serval high-end fashion and interior design magazines including Colour (which was great I have several issues of this magazine). The magazine will run quarterly and will be a log of projects covered over the three months, along with other industry insights.

The name ‘journal’ was decided upon as the format will be a journal of current projects. This also has the feel of something quite informal with the aim of creating an enjoyable read. The cover has been designed to be simple and elegant, we designed a strong mast head. The name journal has been designed to be a large feature of the cover creating a strong editorial cover. This mast head has some nice details a couple of natural looking ligatures and some slanted alternative details added to the serif edges.

Once the masthead was agreed, I then created serval different image styles for the cover design to prove the cover format would work in any instance.

I then looked at some initial concepts something minimal with large images to allow the projects themselves to take centre stage. A set for 4-5 pages were designed for review. Finally a complete magazines worth of content was run in and the first edition of Journal was published.