Glenhawk Financial Services

Client: Glenhawk
Date: August 16, 2018
Services: Logo, Brand creation, Brand Guidelines, Website, Print

Glenhawk are a new startup financial services company (offering bridging loans). This was a great opportunity to create a company brand from the ground up.

When naming the company it’s important to check the availability of a suitable URL. Once this was agreed I moved onto the second stage of brand creation, the brand identity (logo). I explored several approaches, looking at shields (representing financial safety), I looked at hawk inspired marks, I also looked at more subtle typographic solutions. Glenhawk wanted to move forward with the typographic solution and after some refinement the brand mark was complete.

The website

The website was a great proving ground when establishing the look and feel of the brand and resulting brand guidelines. The secret to creating strong brand is testing it across a variety of collateral to see how the brands looks across these items and also what guidance is required to maintain consistency.

The brand

When building the brands identity it was important for the company to appear both modern and well established, as a financial company it was important to feel established to add credibility (even if the reality is they are a startup). Images of Scottish glens were used as backgrounds with the header space to solidify the brand, these were used alongside relevant financial imagery throughout the rest of the site.

Brand Guidelines

For the guidelines green and gold were two of 5 strong colours establishing the brand. Some clear rules around logo use imagery fonts etc. were established with various examples and guidance.