rFpro R Factor Pro website

rFpro provides driving simulation software, and 3D content, for Deep Learning Autonomous Driving, ADAS and Vehicle Dynamics (it’s the most advanced form of driving simulation). rFpro is used by all manufactures in most major motorsports including Ferrari and most F1 teams it’s also used by Porchse NASCAR as well as all major manufactures for real world driving conditions. This was a really interesting project as I’m something of a petrol head.

We were asked to redesign the website from the ground up. One of the major points missing from the previous website was lack of large images and video to show the detail of what’s achievable in this simulation environment and also to show some video will really bring this simulation software to life. One major style point was a diagonal flash divider used on various stands, I was keen to incorporate this in some way.

When wireframing the website and experimenting with user journeys, a custom full screen header showing how the software is used in key areas, such as motorsport, digital road models, etc.. The user initially gets a light overview of how rFpro is used, then when they move into that sector we begins with a short video demonstrating the software in use and then give a more detailed overview of that particular sector. This is done with lots of video and large image examples.

At the design stage we wanted to create a bit more off a recognisable brand. The logo has a slanted r and F, so the transitions were created with a diagonal flash. As this is something quite unusual to see on a website this was storyboarded and thoroughly tested so the client was able to understand how the hover states and transitions would work and start to bring the site to life.

The site was built over a period of 6 weeks. The final week was largely testing and fine tuning. The website still continues to develop, as it built using the Wordpress and page builder it’s fully CMSable so the rFpro continue to develop and add content.

Client: Faculty
Website: behance.net
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website